A software bridge that enables seamless flow of sales and inventory,
bringing real time e-Commerce and Order Management to your Accounting System.

FlowBridge Integrates your Accounting System with your Online Shop

The Big Picture

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Your Accounting System

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What it does

Main Features

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Real-time e-Commerce

Use our online store, or your own existing Shopify / Woo Commerce / Magenta online store

Your paid-for e-Commerce orders are immediately posted as invoices into your Accounting System.

Card payments are immediately posted as Receipts into your Accounting System.


Automated Data Update

FlowBridge automatically synchronises it's data, and therefore your online shop data, from your Accounting System.



Have customers that don't want to use online shopping, and insist on emailing / whatsapping / phoning-in their orders?

Or perhaps you have a point-of-sale for walk-in customers?

FlowBridge provides a smart way for you to quickly capture and manage and report on these orders.


Order Management

FlowBridge enables you to see exactly which orders are pending payment, paid, packed, or delivered.

Move an order from one status to the next with the click of a button.


Inventory Level Management

FlowBridge calculates recommended min and max quantities for your stock.

Enabling you to purchase only the required quantities from your suppliers, or set up special discount campaigns where you are over-stocked.


Real-Time Dashboard and notifications

Keep your finger on the pulse of your business.

Updates in real-time; immediate notification of order status changes (to you and your customer)

FlowBridge e-Store

Don't have an online shop? FlowBridge offers the easiest way to get one - already built-in.

  • No need to maintain a separate e-Commerce store outside of FlowBridge.
  • Your FlowBridge e-Store allows you to choose whether you want customers to be approved before being able to shop online. Do this to enable customers defined in your accounting system to be able to see prices specific to them, making B2B / Agent / Retail pricing fully integrated.
  • Only allow orders for stock that you have available to sell. Your FlowBridge e-Store can be configured to disallow sales of products you don't have on hand, eliminating the need to refund sales of items that cannot be delivered.
  • Requests for unavailable stock is back-ordered, and when you replenish your inventory, waiting customers are automatically informed of new availability, prompting them to complete their order, thereby recovering your lost sales.
  • Set up special discounts for items on Sale, as well as highlighting of New or Best Selling items, allowing you to drive focussed sales.
  • Define your delivery areas and charges, and link customers to a delivery area. Allowing flexibility of delivery charges based on your customer location.
  • FlowBridge e-Store customers can load any previous order back into their shopping cart for easy repeat orders.

No Accounting System?

No problem! FlowBridge provides all the inventory, customer and sales management funcionality you need.

  • Our built-in Inventory Master functionality enables you to define your products and manage their quantities, all without the need for an external accounting system.
  • With no external accountign system, FlowBridge generates your invoices, and provides customer account management.
  • All the inventory and sales reporting functionality in FlowBridge is available even without a linked accounting system.

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