Order Management

FlowBridge provides a smart way for you to manage the processing of your orders.
Order Management

FlowBridge provides Order Management at the click of a button

  • Newly-captured or received orders are listed as "Pending Payment". Once payment is received, click a button to raise an invoice in your accounting system and move the order status to "Invoiced".
  • Invoiced orders are ready to be packed. Click a button to capture the packing info. FlowBridge allows you to configure the Packing Details screen to suit your business process with regards to the level of detail that the packer needs to capture.
  • Packed orders are ready for delivery (or collection). Capture delivery tracking info at the click of a button, or capture the details of the person who collected the order.
  • With each change in order status, FlowBridge informs your customer, so they know what is happening with their order.
  • Customers opting for collection know exactly when their order is packed and ready to be collected.
  • Customers awaiting delivery know when their order has been dispatched.
  • Your real-time Dashboard in FlowBridge is also kept in sync with order status changes.