Data sync.

FlowBridge keeps your e-Commerce store data in sync with your accounting system.
Data Sync

FlowBridge will automatically sync product data from your accounting system to your online store

  • Your accounting system is master of product codes, names, categories and prices. Changes made sync to FlowBridge (and your online store) within minutes.
  • Choose whether you want your accounting system or FlowBridge to control product images. FlowBridge provides the benefit of bulk image uploads, and multiple images per product.
  • Maintain additional data about your products in FlowBridge if your accounting system does not have the functionality to do min and max inventory levels, whether or not an item is out-of-stock, or on sale.
  • Configure your item variations. i.e. the same product but in different sizes, and thus different prices for each size? FlowBridge will sync these to your online store with ease.

Integrated Accounting Systems

FlowBridge integrates with the following accounting systems

  • Sage Business Cloud Accounting (formerly Sage One Accounting)
  • Xero
  • More in the making...don't see yours here? Let us know and we will add it for you!

No Accounting System?

No problem! FlowBridge provides all the inventory, customer and sales management funcionality you need.

  • Our built-in Inventory Master functionality enables you to define your products and manage their quantities, all without the need for an external accounting system.
  • With no external accountign system, FlowBridge generates your invoices, and provides customer account management.
  • All the inventory and sales reporting functionality in FlowBridge is available even without a linked accounting system.