Quick order entry.

FlowBridge provides a way for you to quickly capture and take payment for back-office orders.
Quick Order Entry

FlowBridge makes the manual capture of orders a breeze.

  • Have customers that don't want to use online shopping, and insist on emailing or messaging or phoning-in their orders?
  • Have walk-in customers and need a point-of-sale to capture their purchases?
  • FlowBridge's Order Entry functionality provides quick and easy capturing of these orders and their subsequent payment!
  • Lookup the customer directly from your accounting system, allowing for customer-specific pricing to be applied.
  • Filter for the desired products, and add lines to the order at the click of a button.
  • Add a delivery charge if needed. Or, add an admin fee to the order - informing your customer that the admin fee can be avoided by placing orders online instead.
  • Invoices are posted into your accounting system just like any e-Commerce order.
  • These orders go though your order management workflow, allowing you to manage the packing and delivery process as you would an e-Commerce order.
  • These orders are reported on your Flowbridge dashboard and reports, allowing separate analysis and reporting.